Together with research institutes, enterprises and local government, Hefei University establishes Collaborative Innovation Centersso as to serve the local economy.As a response to the request to solve the most urgent problems in the region and produce first-class products, the centersintend to make breakthroughs in key technologies and put them into practical use.

     So far, platforms for educational, sci-tech, cultural and economic communication have been established for this purpose. And experts and scholars are called together to serve as a think bank. Hefei University now has two international-level centers: the Anhui-German Center, the Anhui-Korea Center. As a result, the Hefei Branch of German Logistics Association has been established and the Project of EU-Asia Link, and DAAD & GTZ/CIM Project of Germany is now undertaking.

      To carry out the cooperative programs, agreements with over 80 enterprises in Hefei have been signed. The cooperation follows the university-industry-research model, making the best use of the available intellectual resources from the three parties and other resources as well. The cooperation is expected to be expanded when the model is well-developed.

      Altogether,there are 8 provincial or municipal innovation platforms and 6 Collaborative Innovation Centers in Hefei University.

I. Provincial & Municipal Innovation Platforms

1.Anhui Research Center for Municipal Solid Waste Energy-utilization Technology

2. Anhui Research Center for Solid Waste Energy-utilization Technology

3. Anhui Collaborative Innovation Center for Pollution Prevention & Ecological Rehabilitation

4.Anhui Technological Center for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

5. Design Center of Anhui Shenzhuang & Heda Co., Ltd.

6. Research Center for Chaohu Cultural-economic-social Development

7. Hefei Environmental Engineering Institute

8. Academician Workstation of Water Environment Treatment and Pollution Control

II. Collaborative Innovation Centers

1.Collaborative Innovation Center for Additive Manufacturing & Powder Technology


2.Collaborative Innovation Center for Rail-Transit Construction Safety-Control Technology


3.Collaborative Innovation Center of Research, Development R&Dand Quality Control on Food


4.Collaborative Innovation Center for Internet+ & Intelligent Information Processing


5.Collaborative Innovation Center for Digital Manufacturing


6.Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Electronic Control & Testing


    In 2015, the Center for Rail-Transit Construction Safety-Control Technology participated in the Hefei rail transit construction and some provincial key projects,jointly setting national industry standards in this field

    In 2015, to meet the needs of local development, the Center for Modern Electronic Control & Testing makes achievements by centering on sense technology and targeting at intelligent instruments & control

In cooperation with enterprises and institutions,the Center for Internet+ & Intelligent Information Processing targets at information perception & application, big data application and industrial cloud technology application, making a number of innovative products, such as IGV intelligent car.

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