Hans-Peter Leimer

Winner of 2009 Huangshan / 2016 Chinese Governmental Friendship Award

Hans-Peter Leimer, Chairman of International Association of Architecture Renovation and Heritage Preservation Technology, is an expert in international architecture energy-saving. As a guest professor of Hefei University, Prof. Leimer initiated the idea of Sino-German joint cultivation of civil engineering talent (2+3). Moreover, under his proposal together with the support of Anhui provincial government, Hefei municipal government and the state government of Lower Saxony, Anhui Architectural Energy-saving Technology Platform was established by Anhui Construction Bureau, Hefei municipal government and Hefei University. The platform has provided opportunities for Sino-Euro cooperation in the field of architecture energy- saving technology.

Falk Hohn

Winner of 2011 Huangshan / 2014 Chinese Governmental Friendship Award

Falk Hohn, President of Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and its Confucius Institute, and Deutschen Hochschule Hefei (Hefei-Germany Applied Sciences Institute)

Since 2001, Professor Horn, an expert in industrial design, has contributed to the founding of Confucius Institute at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, and the workshop collaboration between Hefei University and Hannover University of Applied Sciences. So far fourteen collaboration workshops have attracted a constellation of outstanding experts and helped to improve industrial design development in Anhui province.

As Vice-president of Hefei University (appointed by Anhui Education Department), Professor Horn conducted “A Survey into Universities of Applied Sciences in Anhui Province”, which has greatly promoted the higher education cooperation between China and Germany.

 In 2016, Professor Horn was invited to attend the symposium chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on the arrival of Chinese New Year, during which he gave a speech“China Made 2015 and the Cultivation of Applied Talents”.

Michael Nelles

Winner of 2007Huangshan / 2011 Chinese Governmental Friendship Award

Michael Nelles, a professor at University of Rostock, is an expert in renewable energy as well as solid waste management and disposal. He is one of the foreign experts in “1,000 Talents Plan”, a project initiated by Chinese government to attract overseas talent to work in China.

Supported by EU-Asia Chain program and DAAD project,Professor Nelles has carried out the “curriculum construction for the cultivation of sustainable-environmental-protection talents” in accordance with EU curriculum system for the environmental engineering bachelors and masters at Hefei University since 2003. For this goal, he has introduced the modular teaching and strengthened the teacher training. Meanwhile, he has established Center for Sino-German Environmental Technology Transfer, funded by GTZ and CIM, and carried out researches on the management of municipal solid waste, which has achieved remarkable results.

Professor Nelles has also made contribution to the social and economic cooperation between China and Germany, and to the establishment of Friendship City between Hefei and Rostock(Germany).

Zhao Chenghui (???)

Winner of 1998 Huangshan / 2002 Chinese Governmental Friendship Award  

Zhao Chenghui, an “international professor” at Soonchunhyang University (South Korea), Director of Golden Key Culture Communication Center, as well as a trustee of Han-Da Cultural Communication Co. Ltd, was awarded the honor “The Excellent Teacher” and “Honorary Citizen” by Hefei municipal government in 2001 and 2oo4 respectively, as well as the first South Korean granted Permanent Residence Permit (China Green-card) by Ministry of Public Security of PRC. 

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