Among the high-level talents, there are Cao Hongbin and Wang Xiangke, members of the National Outstanding Scientists Fund.Zhang Han, one of the“Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, Luo Xichun, one of the leading specialists of the Scottish “Future Manufacturing Program”, Wan Yinhua, one of the Hundred Talents Program of China and Zhang Suojiang, Head of Institute of Process Engineering and one the newly elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Cao Hongbin, a member of Institute of Process Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly studies the theory, key technology and the application of industrial pollution control.

Under his leadership, Hefei University forms an integrated control technology system with Chinese characteristics and with the hope of reaching the international leading level in the field of industrial water pollution control. A special team and research platform is to be set up on the study of water pollution prevention and sustainable development of Chaohu Lake.

    Luo Xichun, a professor of Strathclyde University in Britain and Director of Precision Engineering Center, has long been engaged in research and teaching of ultra-precision machining equipment manufacturing and process development and nano-manufacturing technology. Presiding over a number of projects of British Foundation, Scottish Foundation, the Royal Society and industry-funded research programs (a total fund of about ? 2.9 million). Professor Luo and his team have gained international renown in micro-processing equipment manufacturing, nano-manufacturing and ultra-precision processing of hard and brittle materials. In 2010, Luo was awarded“Scottish Future Manufacturing Leading Specialist” by the Scottish government.

    Dr. Zhang Han is engaged in ultrasonic non-destructive detecting which is widely used in metal materials, especially in the non-destructive testing of rails.Dr. Zhang Han, based on his experience of non-destructive testing research for 20 years, helps to establish research and development and personnel training system of ultrasonic electronic systems and instruments in the Department of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering.

    In the past five years, Professor Wang Xiangke has made significant achievements. Engaged in studying chemical behavior, disposal methods and mechanisms of radionuclide environmental pollution, he has further developed the application of synchrotron radiation and plasma technology in environmental radiation chemistry and radioactive pollution control.

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