President of Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences Visits HFU


On May 28th, Prof. Dr. Bertram Andreas, President of Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, led a delegation to visit Hefei University (HFU). Wang Qidong, Chair of HFU Council met with the delegation.

Wang Qidong warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced HFUs development in recent years. He said, the two universities have maintained the long-standing close cooperation: jointly establishing programs, co-hosting Sino-German Seminars on Applied Higher Education, and co-editing and publishing Research on Applied Higher Education. He expressed his hope, the two parties will further deepen cooperation and set up more diverse exchange programs to promote mutual in-depth integration. Chen Xiu, Vice President of HFU, expressed her hope, the two universities can carry out more in-depth academic exchanges to make full use of the high-quality educational resources, and jointly cultivate high-quality compound, international, and applied talents.

Prof. Dr. Bertram Andreas said, with the common goal of talent cultivation, Hefei University and Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences actively carry out cross-cultural academic exchanges to cultivate high-quality talents with global perspectives and innovative abilities. He hoped, the two parties will continue to deepen and expand academic exchanges and cooperation to build a solid platform for students future employment and mutual development.

After the meeting, the delegation visited HFUs Sino-German Cooperation Achievements Exhibition. Students from both universities attended the meeting and exchanged gifts as a token of friendship. Wang Qidong and Prof. Dr. Bertram Andreas jointly planted a tree, symbolizing the flourishing cooperation between the two universities.



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