Chen Xiu Attends 2024 Annual Conference of the High-level Applied Universities Collaborative Innovation Alliance


On May 23, Vice President Chen Xiu led a delegation to Shanghai University of Engineering Science to attend 2024 Annual Conference of the High-level Applied Universities Collaborative Innovation Alliance in the G60 Sci-tech Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta(abbreviated as G60 Alliance) and the launch ceremony of the Virtual Teaching and Research Office.

 The Alliance focuses on technology and industrial innovation, building a community of shared future between industry and academia, strengthening university-industry collaboration, and achieving strong integration and complementary advantages in education, technology, culture, and innovation. It aims to cultivate high-quality applied innovative talents and provide technical and talent support for the national strategy of integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta. At the conference, the G60 Alliance presented three prospects. First, focusing on the G60 Sci-tech Innovation Valley, the alliance will be committed to the integrated development of education, technology, and talent in applied universities. Second, under the coordination of the G60 Alliance, universities from the nine cities should jointly contribute to regional economic development and the high-quality development of the G60 Sci-tech Innovation Valley. Third, the alliance universities will integrate with each other, share resources, and strive to become a model of collaborative development for applied universities.  

In order to give full play to the resource advantages of alliance universities and build a platform for communication, resource sharing, and deepening industry-education integration, the alliance universities have established “High-level Applied University Virtual Teaching and Research Office”, to facilitate cross-institutional, interdisciplinary, and professional exchange activities for enhancing the comprehensive education, training, and industry integration capabilities.

 Before the meeting, Chen Xiu and the delegation visited the Boeing 737-800 Simulator Project Laboratory and Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Laser Manufacturing Technology at Shanghai University of Engineering Science.


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